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Wild Yam Cream
This formula contains wild yam, which has been used by women for decades.

Item #12230
2oz Tube


Did you know the skin can absorb certain nutrients? This soothing, fragrant product provides a steady supply of wild yam and soy extracts, which have been used by women for decades to support feminine health. This supplement uses the most effective delivery system available.

Because a woman's system is subject to natural fluctuations throughout the month, many women are prone to imbalances that can cause a variety of problems and make day-to-day living difficult. As women age, these same imbalances are often implicated in even more serious health concerns relating to a weakening of the structural system. For years there was little that could be done to effectively ease these problems.

Scientists have now discovered a compound found in the Mexican wild yam. Unicity's exciting Wild Yam Cream provides that compound in a soothing transdermal emollient.*

Because the skin easily absorbs nutrients through the pores, the topical application of Unicity's Wild Yam Cream provides a steady supply of wild yam extract that maximizes the body's assimilation of its active ingredients.

Key Ingredients:
Evening Primrose Oil Used in preparations for aging skin, it counteracts free radical damage and rejuvenates skin cells. It is a revitalizing herbal extract that contains a high amount of linoleic acid that regulates cellular activity and is essential for maintaining healthy skin. The expressed oil of the seed is used in preparations for dry or mature skins. Evening primrose sports attractive yellow flowers that produce the tiny black seeds which yield an oil used both internally and externally for many conditions. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids that are readily absorbed by the skin, evening primrose oil is excellent for treating rough, dry skin.

Licorice Extract
Originally from central Europe, licorice now grows all across Europe and Asia. An herb that supports the female reproductive system.

Grape Seed Extract
A botanical extract from grape seed, which includes many flavonoid compounds such as proanthocyanidins. It has antioxidant properties to support against oxidative damage to cells.

Research Brief
Beginning around age 40 - 50 in women, the ovaries begin producing lower levels of estrogens and progesterone. These reductions lead to marked physiological responses in the body which are referred to collectively as menopause. These responses include "hot flashes," irritability, fatigue, anxiety and various other symptoms.

Consumption of certain foods has been shown to decrease many post-menopausal symptoms. Soybeans, for example, are particularly high in compounds called isoflavones. The isoflavones genistein and diadzien significantly decrease LDL cholesterol and significantly increased HDL/LDL cholesterol ratios. Soy isoflavones increase bile acid excretion and affects metabolism of cholesterol in the liver.

Other plant-derived compounds such as saponins may have similar properties. Saponins are found in many grains and vegetables and have long been known to have strong biological activity. Saponins are broken down in the digestive tract into steroid-like compounds and sugars.

Q: Can any woman use this product?
A: It is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

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