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Core Health™ for Women
Formulated for women, Core Health™ provides the best possible daily combination of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs most essential to women's general health.

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We all have many compelling reasons to take the highest-quality basic daily supplement we can find. We need daily insurance against the vitamin and mineral shortfalls that often occur in our regular diets. In addition, we can all benefit by fortifying ourselves with extra nutrients and herbs we can't get from our diet alone.

In Unicity's ongoing quest to Make Life Better, we have formulated a new daily supplement to reflect the latest scientific developments. Rx for Life™ Core Health™ combines the best from two former products, the Enrich Core Pack™ and Rx for Life™ Total Life Care Nutrition System. Available in formulations tailored for men and women, Rx for Life™ Core Health™ provides the best possible daily combination of the vitamins, minerals, and herbs most essential to general health. These ingredients not only help maintain normal, healthy body function but can also improve health over time.*

Convenient daily unit dose packets of Rx for Life™ Core Health™ deliver more than 35 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and herbs.

Research Brief
Modern civilization increasingly relies on processed foods, fast foods, low-calorie diets, artificial additives, and snack foods high in calories but lacking in nutrients. The body suffers when it does not absorb the nutrients needed to perform specific biological functions. If these nutrients are not present in the body in optimum amounts, then tissues, glands, and organs work less efficiently. Consequences may include fatigue, reduced immune function, and reduced mental and physical performance.

Government food guidelines suggest daily consumption of a balanced diet low in fat and rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) reflect the levels of nutrient intake that will meet the needs of most healthy people. However, despite good intentions most individuals fall short of these recommended nutrient levels. Additionally, current research suggests that higher intake levels of certain nutrients may have beneficial effects. For example, the current adult RDA for vitamin E is 30 IU per day. Yet several clinical and epidemiological studies show that levels up to 100-800 IU per day can significantly benefit cardiovascular health. Also, intakes of selenium two to three times higher than the RDA may benefit prostate, colon, thyroid, and lung functions.*

Since it is difficult if not impossible to obtain higher levels of crucial nutrients from food alone, supplements can be added to a healthy, balanced diet to provide the nutrient levels needed to maintain optimal health.*

Q: Is Rx for Life™ Core Health™ designed for females of all ages?
A: No. This supplement is designed for women aged 18 and older.

Q: Is there a recommended time of day to take Rx for Life™ Core Health™?
A: No, but you are encouraged to take this supplement with a meal.

Q: What are the different pills contained in the daily packets?
A: The female packet contains three vitamin/herb capsules, two calcium/magnesium/vitamin D2 tablets, and one B-complex tablet.

Q: If I have a hard time taking all the pills at one time, can I take them at separate times?
A: Yes, you can spread the capsules and tablets throughout the day. You are recommended to always take them with food.

Q: Why was the B-complex added?
A: The B-complex provides all the essential B vitamins, which are widely known for their energizing effects on the body and support of immune function. Vitamin C has been included in the B-complex formulation because of its powerful antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties.*

Q: What are the benefits of the soy extract?
A: For men, soy protein has been shown to be beneficial for overall heart health and prostate health. For women, researchers have identified numerous benefits of soy, including overall heart health. The soy contained in Rx for Life™ Core Health™ is from a natural source that has not been genetically modified.*

Q: Does this supplement contain animal products?
A: No. With vegetable-based capsules and ingredients derived from plant sources, Rx for Life™ Core Health™ is ideal for those wishing to reduce animal-derived products in their diet.

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