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Reduces Excess Carb Absorption

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240 Capsules

EquaLean® when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program allows you to live your life sensibly.

New and Improved EquaLean:
• Reduces Excess Carb Absorption*
• Supports Healthy Digestion*
• Improved Effectiveness*

That plate of pasta looks delicious...but you're well aware that your body stores those excess carbs as fat. What do you do? You could deny yourself and severely limit your carbs, or you could reduce excess carb absorption with EquaLean®. EquaLean inhibits your digestion of starchy carbs without sacrificing vital nutrients. Our Carbo-Balance technology blends white kidney beans, ginseng, and citric acid to reduce carbohydrate calories. Count on EquaLean to reduce the carbs.*

Research Brief
Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet. Carbohydrates serve as the primary source of energy in the cell, and carbohydrate metabolism is central to all metabolic processes. In the body, carbohydrates are metabolized mainly into glucose, a major source of immediate energy, which is delivered to body cells. Any extra carbohydrate is converted to glycogen, a source of glucose and reserve energy stored in the liver and muscle tissues. Excess dietary carbohydrates may also be converted to fatty acids, which are later stored as body fat. Therefore, although fat calories are most easily converted to fat in the body, calories from carbohydrates, as well as from protein, will also be transformed into body fat if these calories are not expended. Overall, the body's storage can hold a half-day's worth of energy in the form of glycogen that must be converted first back to glucose. The blood system, on the other hand, can hold only an hour's supply of glucose.

Surplus glycogen is transformed by the liver into fat to be deposited in fatty tissues around the body. This process occurs at lower (resting) body temperatures. Various enzymes also control this process. Inhibiting these enzymes may block or slow the body's production of new fat.

Q: Are there any supplements that should not be taken with EquaLean?
A: Enzygen® and other products containing or promoting digestive enzymes should not be taken with EquaLean because the digestive enzymes will break down the EquaLean formula, making it less effective.*

Q: Why is the new EquaLean formula better?
A: The new, improved EquaLean contains white kidney bean extract, which helps make it twice as effective. It also contains American ginseng, which aids the body in balancing glucose levels, and other nutrients that support the metabolic system.*

Q: Can pregnant women take EquaLean?
A: The new EquaLean is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

Q: If I'm consuming a meal that is high in carbohydrates, can I take more than the recommended dose of EquaLean?
A: Yes. You can take an extra capsule or two of EquaLean when you eat extra carbohydrates. However, remember that a healthy diet should limit carbohydrates to 40 percent of total food intake.

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